Advice for moms with curly hair children

Handling curly hair of your own can be quite a bit of a mess and it doubles over when your kids have the curly hair. Dealing with the curly hair is a lot of work and requires the patience that kids seldom show. The main things that moms need to know are that they should buy products suitable for children. Mostly the products that work the best for both parents and the children as well are the organic ones. You should at least be using the ones which have the natural ingredients in them.


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Dealing with a curly-haired child

Managing your own curly hair is much easier as compared to when it comes to the children. You will have to be a lot more patient when it comes to detangling and managing your child’s hair. Usually, children, have the tender-headed and can make a fuss while you are detangling your hair. Also, kids due to their activities manage to tangle their hair a lot. It also makes their hair dry. So, following are a few things that you need to learn as a parent of a curly-haired person


A good pre-poo s very importantly. Pre-poo can serve different purposes and one of that purpose is to detangle that hair loss. You can also use them to hydrate your kid’s hair and some of the products also provide some amount of protein to your kid’s hair. All of this is very necessary. But beyond all that you should understand the need of your kid’s hair. Using a pre-poo based on that kind of knowledge can be quite very helpful. You can also use natural oils as the pre-poo.

Wet detangling

Detangling your kid’s hair when they are dry is a big “no”. You must always detangle your kid’s hair when they are wet and have some slip in it. You can also use some kid-friendly detangling products in your baby’s hair. This can help you get the perfectly detangled hair.

Protecting hair at night

Protecting hair is more important at night as compared to the day. During the day time, you can use some protective hairstyles and hair won’t tangle. But what damaged the hair a lot is when they are unprotected at night. This way when your kid tosses and turns, they will cause friction with the pillowcase causing breakage. This may also manage to tangle your child’s hair. So to make sure you are using a nightcap or some silk pillowcase. Braiding hair can also help to avoid all these tangles.

Wash less often

Most parents feel obliged to wash their kid’s hair more often. But with this kind of practice you are actually damaging their hair. Kids get dirty and sweaty but in order to protect their hair, you can use the co-washing method. Another method is to keep the protective hairstyles so they won’t get tangled a lot. This way you will have to use the harsh shampoos more often.

Using all these methods you will make it easier for you as well as your kid while dealing with their curls.