This product is used in salons and in parlors and by professionals. It is mostly not available at homes. The product is absorbed into the hairs through heat by which the modified proteins and magnesium is fused. The result can be seen with the extensive reduction in the breakage of the hairs.

The process is simple during which the ApHogee gets stabilize within the hairs ensuring the consumers that the good results are on their way into transforming rough hairs into smooth and silky hairs.

First, in step one, the product is used as a shampoo washing the hairs and then after the rinsing of the hairs thoroughly, the after a product is used which is kind of like a conditioner but provide better and lasting effects than any conditioner. The product is more than often used in salons where the customers are delighted with this treatment

The product ApHogee is subject to the treatment of hairs which are so weak or somehow just find that they cannot take a relaxer or perm. For that, the product is recommended to use a week before having these services. The hairs which are extensively over bleached, the product has been proved quite useful.

When hairs naturally could not be able to hold the color, the product can be applied before applying the color and the results will be astounding. For hairs weak enough that they break or fall off even when combing, this product is a promising remedy. Often hairs are frizzy when they dry after washed up, the product can also reduce the frizziness of the hairs.

Though the product has many advantages it is not for daily use in houses. It is strictly directed that the product should be used by the professionals according to the instructions.


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