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Curly hairs are not the problem but the dryness and roughness of curly hairs are the problems. If you have healthy and shiny curly hairs then they look gorgeous and stylish. And the condition worsens when the curly hairs are exposed to a humid environment. The hairs swell up due to water molecules and it is very difficult to detangle them. The real problem is frizziness that comes along dryness. Now many hair products are available to solve the problem of dry hairs. Thousands of products are available to moisturize the curly hairs and prevent them from drying out.

Reasons behind Dryness:-

  1. Some environmental conditions are causing hair to become dry some of them is like living in a hot environment is the cause of dry hair or you are spending a lot of time in sunlight or you are exposing your hair too much in the wind. Another reason is that you can be swimming frequently in water which is chlorinated.
  2. Another reason can be you are using the wrong products such as:
  • You are using shampoo with a high pH level which is not good for your hair at all. Because curly hairs usually have low pH and if you use the shampoo with high pH then it will imbalance the level of pH of the hair and causes the moisture to leave making your hair dry and susceptible to breakage.
  • You are using shampoo with sulfate( cause of foaming in the shampoo) which strips off the natural hair oils and causes your hair to become dry.
  • If you are not using conditioner for your curly hairs then they will become dry. They recommend that you should use a light conditioner regularly. It is also recommended to treat your hair with heat-activated conditioning. It binds the conditioner and restores the lost proteins.
  1. The reason behind your curls may be the wrong tools you are using:-
  • Every girl know this even she has straight hair or curly hairs that if extensively use heating instruments on your hairs it will cause damage to your hairs and consequently they become dry. It is recommended to use a heat-protective before using any curler, straightener, and blow dryer
  • If you get bored with your look then it is a problem for you because you have to colour or you have to texturize them which is a damaging process for your hair because of the use of chemicals. You can use high-quality products to avoid damage and it is recommended that you should keep a time gap of 3-6 months.
  1. There are other areas where you are showing carelessness such as:-
  • You are not using any protection product before styling the hair.
  • Your pillowcase is very harsh which causes damage to your hair and hair to become dry due to rubbing with a rough surface.
  • You should prefer to wash your hair with cold water.

Tips to keep in mind:-

  1. If you are shampooing your hair daily then it will definitely cause your hair to become dry because for curly hairs they recommend that you should not wash your hair daily because your curly hairs need natural oil of your hairs.
  2. They recommend that you should massage your hair with hot olive oil and then cover your hair with a plastic bag and then rinse thoroughly.
  3. Add vitamins to your hair and you should also take omega-3s which is very healthy for hairs.
  4. Certain hair masks are available to provide your hair with moisture or you can also apply essential oil to your hairs.