hair colour for the brown eyes

Before you go finding the best hair colour for the brown eyes there are a lot of the other things that
need to be determined too. You should at first know that which shade of brown is your eyes and should
notice the colour of the flecks in your eyes and once you have figured that out you will be able to make
a better decision. Same goes with the skin tone if you have whether the warm, cool or neutral skin tone
a combined with the brown eye you will be able to find out that which hair colour will suit you better. So
before you go buying a hair colour from an online store like Megorgeous you should know which hair
colour will look the best on you.

Considering eye colour

Considering eye colour is very important and when you know you have brown coloured eyes you need
to know further which type of brown they are. If they are hazel brown which means they have golden
and brown flecks in it then the hair colours that will suit you are the dark colours which help to make
your hazel colours and out. And if you have dark or light brown colour eyes which means you should try
the caramel or other highlights as they will bring out your eye colour. Having a cool ski with such eye
colour, you should have the white blonde or jet black hair colour.

Skin Tone

Now considering your skin tone is also very important. If you have a warm skin tone then the brunet hair
with caramel highlights and the dark hair colour with subtle highlights will look great. You can also go for shades like orange and red with skin like that. If you have a cool skin tone then you can choose colours like ash blonde and go for the vibrant or pastel colours as well. In red, you should choose colours like deep red and burgundy.

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