Best Hair Colour for Fair Skin

Best hair colour for fair skin tone is not the every hair colour and people have this wrong idea that with fair skin you can just choose any hair colour and it will look good for you. Even though the range of the hair colours the fair skin tone is very wide but that doesn’t mean you can just choose any hair colour.
You should always be careful while choosing your hair colour because skin the plays a great role in what type of hair colour will suit you and if you go against that then your hair colour will not look that great on you. With fair skin tone following are some of the options that will look best on you.

Ashy blonde

Ashy blonde is the best blonde hair colour for you and it will look so great on your pale and fair skin. You are in luck with this hair colour because this colour is very much in trend this year and will look just great on you.


You can choose the pastel colour s like the pastel green and pastel pink and they will look great on you.
Pastel colours look good on any skin tone but the fair skin tone will show more of the colour with such hair colour. You can get it done from a saloon.


With fair skin tone, you didn't have to go for the dark hair colours but you can just choose something in between the brown and blonde and that is what Bronde is. This colour can have some highlights to complete the look too.

Champagne blonde

With fair skin, blonde hair colours are definitely your thing and champagne blonde looks elegant on your skin type. You can easily get this done at home by the help if the hair colour you bought from the online store like Megorgeous.

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