Selecting and wearing nail paint colours are really fun. Selecting the best colours according to your desire and wear those in your event or casual days give a cute look. From an online store, you can get as many colours for your nails according to your need and choice. But while selecting the nail paints there is something that you should have to care about. You must have to select the colours of your nail paints according to the colour of your skin so that it matches your skin and make your hands look beautiful otherwise it will not look good on your hands.

For light skin tone

For light skin tone, you can always go for the nude or lighter shades. It will look good on your colour, but if you have a darker skin tone then one must never try the nude shades on it. But if you still want to go for lighter colours that are less noticeable then you can wear the pastel colour it will look good on your skin.

For dark skin tone

If you have a dark skin tone then vibrant and bright colours will always look good on your skin and give your hands a stylish look.

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