Best Way to Draw Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a tough job and sometimes you end up ruining their shape by not being careful while
tweezing the before you can tweeze your eyebrows the Best Way to Draw Eyebrows them out so that you won’t be deterring the shape of your eyebrows that you want. Even when you have plucked your eyebrows in the right shape there is still a need to fill them and that can be done with different eyebrow products like the eyebrow pencil, gels, and powders. All of these products can be bought from the makeup brand stores also from the online store that sells the makeup products. To use them right you should know how to draw them and the following is how you should do it.

Draw the bottom line

You should start by drawing the bottom line of your eyebrows and it should be straight and smooth
enough. It can be done well with the help of the eyebrow gel and even with the eyebrow pencil.

Top line

Now draw the top line and while you are drawing it make sure it doesn’t start parallel to the bottom one
and leave just leave a small portion of it undrawn from your nose side.

Fill and blend

Now fill in the rest of your eyebrows and if you can just draw out some hair your eyebrows will look
more natural and you will just have to draw the lines in the form of hair. Once done blend the edges well
and make sure nothing looks unnatural.

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