Black opal invisible oil blocking loose powder

A product which is used for the removing of oil and make the skin in a perfect look. The product is in light matte color and by applying on face it easily smudges and gives a natural look.

It is applicable for all skin type and has no such allergic reactions or side effects on the skin. It controls the oil of the skin and gives a matte shiny glowing skin.

The black opal invisible oil blocking loose powder has the following benefits which are;

It gives all day shiny look. When you apply in morning then it will remain till the whole day.

It has special formula of oil blockage from the skin and prevents excess oil to release from the skin.

It forms translucent cover to your skin that helps to prevent any sun rays to damage your skin.

Oilskin people can easily use whenever they need. It blocks the pores that create an excess amount of oil and sebum from the skin.

When you put before the makeup and after that applying makeup it will remain stick to your skin.

Use any powder brush and dust over your skin it will not give a shiny oily look just a fresh matte contrast and blend with your skin type easily.

It has many shades but the top usage is of 12 which are following.

  • Kalahari sand.
  • Heavenly honey.
  • Truly Topaz.
  • Warm almond.
  • Beautiful bronze.
  • Hazell nut.
  • Au chocolate.
  • Suede mocha.
  • Black walnut.
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