black opal pore perfecting liquid foundation

A product which is used for the oily skin that helps to prevent oil extraction from the skin and blockage of pores for the excretion of excess oil.

A liquid foundation that you can use every day or whenever you need. It also hides all the dark spots and blemishes from your skin and gives rejuvenate look with a fresh look. You can easily use in summer or in winter even day or night. If you want to party or even to go somewhere causal just put it on your skin and gently tap on your face it easily absorb in your skin and give a natural look.

It has the following benefit which are;

It has a formula for skin mattifying which give a matte color to the skin.

It is used for all types of skin and has no side effects or any rashes or allergic reactions.

It is totally free from oil any type of fragrance and paraben which is toxicant for the facial skin that causes acne or pimples to skin.

It has beneficial ingredient for that shea butter that is very essential for skin and gives smooth and soothing power to skin.

For applying black opal pore perfecting liquid foundation firstly damp your fingertips with water then massage on your face gently and by taping on your skin it easily smudged on your face.

It has many shades from light to medium but the most used are of following;

  • Honey
  • Chocolate
  • Ebony brown.
  • Kalahari sand.

You can easily purchase by some branded shop or also any local one. It is available worldwide. You can easily purchase by online. is a website which gives information about any kind of product you want to need. It provides every detail about ingredients also.

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