Blow out the curly hair

If you have the curly hair there are a lot of things that you have to be careful about when it comes to the curly hair there are very sensitive and are susceptible to damage a lot. So when you are thinking of heat styling make sure to think of that as well. But trying a little bit of something every once in a while is not really a bad idea. Everyone wants a change in their hair texture so why shouldn’t curlies too? Now there are a lot of the good hair care products available that decreases the intensity of the damage caused by these styling methods, also they will help your hair recover to normal health. You can buy such products from online stores like Megorgeous.


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Blowout is the hair straightening process in which the hair strands get straightened. A method needs the help of a blow-drier. Now blow drier emits the heated air which can cause damage to your hair. But even still if you want to try it out, it will give your hair the sleek look. You can style your hair as you like during the blowout. People usually blow out their hair when they are still wet, and when the hair is wet they are fragile and can break easily. So make sure to blow dry your hair only when your hair is damp. This will help you style your hair a lot sooner and in an easier way.

Blowout with a hair straightener

Sometimes the blow out is done before using a hair straightener. Because even after the blowout your hair still looks textured. So sometimes people use hair straightener afterward to make the hair even straighter. This is even more damaging than just blowout. So keep that in mind when you are straightening your hair. Most of the people also do this to check how much the actual length of their hair is.

Can the damage be reversed?

If you don’t blow out your hair more often the damage won’t be much. This means your hair will recover soon. Also, you need to use a lot of hair care products to bring you back to normal health. Also when you are recovering from the damage make sure not to blow out your hair in that period, you have to avoid heat at all costs during your recovery period. Dryness and split ends are the major signs of the heat damage, so if you observe any of these make sure to stay away from the heat.

How to protect your hair from heat damage

Protecting your hair from the heat damage is also very important. You have to follow the given procedure before and after the blowout.

  • First pf all you need to cleanse and condition your hair.
  • After cleansing and conditioning add some moisturizer to your hair or just add a leave-in conditioner.
  • Once your hair is damp add the heat protectant spray to your hair strands.
  • Blow out your hair with a blow drier at low heat.
  • Now add a finishing serum and moisturizer again.

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