There are almost 3 types of bronzers that match your skin tone. Bronzer is used to make your skin a natural brown look so that your skin look sun-kissed and give a beautiful look. You can get the bronzers according to your skin type and colour from an online store where you can get the best quality skin care
products. The most important thing in selecting a bronzer is that always go for the 1 or 2 shades darker than your skin tone so that it looks perfect on your skin. Using a lighter colour than your skin tone will look bad on your face and using a much darker colour will also look fake on your skin. Selection of
bronzer with the type of skin colour is as follows:

For dark skin

The people who are having the darker skin tone must always go for the amber or tawny colour on bronzers so that it gives your skin a beautiful natural look.

For medium skin colour

For the people who are having the medium colour skin should go for the red bronze or the gold-flecked shade of the bronzer.

For light skin

For the light skin tone; honey colour bronzer will be the best option.

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