Determining your hair type before you out buying any of the hair products is very important. If you are not sure about the type of your hair you will go around buying products not suitable for you. This is important especially when you are buying stuff from an online store. In addition to that, you should know which products go best with which type of hair and the following are some of the brushes.

Detangling brush

A detangling brush is basically for all types of hair and it is used when your hair is still wet so that you can ease out the tangles from them.

Cushion brush

This type of brush is best for the frizzy hair because they help you get rid of the frizz in your hair and gives the silky and frizz free hair afterwards.

Nylon bristle brush

This type of brushes are best for the thick hair and that is because they don’t make your hair break and will give your frizz free and detangled hair.

Boar bristle brush

A tine boar bristle brush is used to tame baby hair and if you have a lot of them that are not easy to take then you definitely need this brush for yourself.

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