As opposed to the popular belief, the use of the oils in oily hair will not make your hair oilier. You have
to use the right type of hair oils. Hair oils do great good to your hair as they help to give them the proper
moisture and nutrition and that is why you should definitely use them. People with already oily hair, on
the other hand, fear the use of the oils produce and if you have oily hair you must have gone through
the time where you believed the use of the oils will make your hair oilier. And. that we do not give our
hair the proper care they deserve. The type of hair that needs oil a lot is the curly hair so that your curls
will look nice and defined.

Which products to avoid having oily hair

If you are afraid of getting the residue of these oils in your head, you should get the hair oils that
produce little to no residue. Most of the times when you buy the hair oils from the stores you end up
buying the ones with the silicones and the thing with the addition of silicones are that they coat your
hair and thus will promote the built of residue. If you have the oily hair, you should use the natural hair
oils and you should get the ones, which are lightweight.

Which oils should you use?

Having oily hair you can use a few different types of the oils and follow are some of them
 You can use rosemary oil, which allows the better distribution of the oils, and you can buy the
commercial ones from the online stores like the Megorgeous.
 You can also use the lemon oil because it balances the oil production in your hair and will be
giving many other benefits.
 Lavender oil is also very great for the oily hair.

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