Can you straighten or dye your natural curls

People with curly hair think many times before thinking about any such procedures. Doing it for the first time is very fearful for everyone but if you are committed to your hair fare routine then you are good, there is nothing to be afraid of if you are aware of the hair straightening and the hair dye procedures.

Changing your natural hair

You should know all the risks that are involved with this and then make a decision. In fact, make sure that you know what to do afterwards that procedure to protect your hair from a lot of the hair damage, hair damage is inevitable once your heat style or chemically treat your hair. If you have never touched your hair ten that means your hair is in good condition so the damage won’t be that bad. You just need to use good hair care products. You can find these hair care products from the online store like Megorgeous.


Megorgeous is am online store from where you can buy all the hair care products that you may need. You will be needing a lot of the products after heat styling and drying your hair and all are available here. You can but these products at the most reasonable rates. And once you have bought it t, Megorgeous will deliver it to your home. Not only that you can find many other hairs cares and hair styling products from this online store. Not all the products are related to hair here but you will also see the makeup and skincare products from this store.

Straightening your naturally curly hair

If you are going to relax your hair then you should have a professional do this. But if you are doing it yourself by the use of the hair straightener then there are a lot of things you need to know. If a lot of heat is given to your hair the cuticles will remain in the open state and will lose all the moisture. So you need to avoid that. You need to see heat but low heat is sufficient to straighten your hair. Especially if you have thin hair which is common among curly hair you will be susceptible to ore damage on the application of intense heat.

Hoe to protect your hair from heat damage

To protect your hair from the heat damage you have to use the heat protectant spray. You will also need to use the hair straighter at the low setting. You should also moisturize your hair more often and can also us be using the moisture sealants. Hair oils act as the moisture sealant in this case. This is how you can protect your hair from heat damage. Also if you see a lot of damage lay off the heat styling until they recover.

Dying natural curly hair

If you are going to dye your natural hair for the first time then you should do that with the help of the expert. If you are going a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour then it will involve bleaching your hair a little bit. Bleaching can be very damaging for your hair. Make sure not to do that more often or you will experience a lot of hair damage.

How to protect your hair from the chemical damage

When you are dying a hair dye make sure not to use the one with harsh chemicals. Completely avoid the one with the ammonia. Even after dying your hair, you should make sure that your hair retains that colour and the bonds should form again as well. That works the best with the help of the bond builders.

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