Cantu - TXTR. Moisture Masque

Dry hair is one of the biggest hair problems because this is what that invites a lot of the other hair
problems like hair fall and also the split ends. So to avoid getting these type of hair problems you need
to moisturize your hair a lot. Most of the people don’t moisturize their hair because they think that their
hair is oily so instead they start using the harsh shampoos that take away all the natural hair oil, and you are left with dry and damaged hair. You can avoid that problem by using different hair masks a lot of the companies make the hair masks and Cantu is one of them. Cantu – TXTR. Moisture Masque is produced by this company and you should definitely this out.

Cantu – TXTR. Moisture Masque

Cantu – TXTR. Moisture Masque is one of the best moisturizing hair masks because it will deeply
moisturize your hair and you will recover from the dry and damaged hair in no time. Once you start
moisturizing your hair you will be able to get rid of a lot of the other problems. This hair mask is exactly
what you need for your dry and damaged hair.

Following are some of the uses of this hair mask
Shea Butter present in this formulation will help your hair to be hydrated and it will also nourish
your hair.
 With moisture, you will definitely notice a reduction in the split ends.
 You will also heal your dry scalp y the use of this product.
 The best thing about this mask is that it is rinsed out as well as a leave-in a hair mask.

How to use this hair mask

Once you have bought this hair mask from the Megorgeous you will have to follow the following
 If you want to use it as a rinse out you have to apply it on roots and ends for a few minutes and
then can wash it.
 If you want to use it as a leave-in hair mask you have to apply enough amount of the ends and then work your way up so very little is present as you go to the roots.

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