Makeup ingredients

Makeup ingredients are what that combined together form a whole formulation and if you want to
make sure that you are buying good makeup products you should make sure to read the ingredients in it. Most of the time people do know what ingredients are mentioned on the package. But you should know a few chemicals that are harmful to you by being present in the makeup products. Some of these harmful chemicals are also carcinogenic. Carcinogenic chemicals are those that are responsible for
causing cancer and following are some of such carcinogens that are found in makeup and skin care

Ethanolamine (DEA)

The chemical act as a foaming agent and is a pH adjusting agent. It may cause skin irritation and toxicity in some organs. Any skin irritation can result in cancer. It is present in hair and skin products and you need to avoid it if you have had any past history of skin irritation with a product containing this.
Perfumes (parfum, essential oil blend, aroma) Perfumes are present in skin care as well as the hair care products and some of the makeup products too. These are used to mask the smell of the original product and to attract customers towards it. But the excessive use of the products containing these and use of perfumes directly on your skin can cause the disturbances in the reproductive system and may also cause cancer in some cases.


Siloxane is used in the products to provide the moisturizing and smoothening effect. It is usually found in the deodorants and the hair products and its use can cause hormone disruption in some people.
So these are some of the chemicals among many that you need to look out or while buying a new skin
care or hair care product from an online store like Me gorgeous.

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