Cat eye makeup is getting a lot of popularity and it has always remained in fashion ever since the 60s.
You can see a number of old actresses in this type of eye makeup and it looks beautiful even now.
Learning how to do a cat eye makeup seems like such a task but is in fact very easy and all you need to
do for it is a lot of practice. Once you have practiced for it you will be able to do it without any trouble.
Cat eye makeup basically involves the cat eyeliner but it also includes the other aspects of the makeup
so your eye can appear more like cate eyes. Now with new trends emerging the makeup is getting better
too and that has made doing the cat eye makeup even easier now. You can find such type of makeup
from different online stores and Megorgeous is one of such places to look to. Following is how you can
do a cat eye makeup.

Start with eyeshadow

Usually, people just do eyeliner for the cat eye makeup but you can also wear the eyeshades to give
your eyes a more cat-like appearance. You can do a cut crease for that purpose on the whole eye or can
do it on the half eye as well to give a light smokey touch to it. The main thing about doing the cat eye
makeup is that it should make your eyes look longer.


Now coming towards the cat eyeliner you should know how to do it in a good way and that can be done
with a number of stencils or you can also try doing it on your own by just practicing it. You should make
your inner corner look pointed for that reason and make sure that your eyeliner is not thicker but just

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