Cat Eyes Makeup

Before you can learn cat eyes make up the first thing you need to do is to determine the type of eyes
you have. With different types of eyes you have you go for the different techniques and that is why
when you try following g a tutorial on the cat eyes you end up failing at it because there is a chance that
the shape of eye of yours and the person in the video is completely different and that is why the cat eye
makeup turns up completely wrong on your eyes. So you should learn how to do the cat eye makeup on the basis of your eyes. Following are some of the methods according to your eye type.

Wide eyes

If you have the wide eyes then you should keep the wing of your eyeliner short and make sure that it is
more turned upward.

Close-set eyes

With the close-set eye, you will have to go for the longer eyeliner and that means you will have to go for
the straight eyeliner and make sure it is more outwards so that your eyes can look wider.

Small eyes

When you are giving the cat eye look to the small eyes make sure your eyeliner is smudged. If your eyeliner in the form of precise line then it won’t look that great and also will make your eyes appear even smaller.

Hooded eyes

If you have hooded eyes that means that when you draw your eyeliner it won’t even be that visible so
you want to go for the thicker eyeliner so that it will appear even when your eyes are open. You can
draw this type of eyeliner using the marker eyeliner and that can be bought from any online store like

Upturned eyes

Upturned eyes are the best for this type of eye look and

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