Chemical in cosmetics

Chemical in cosmetics a chemical, in general, pose the great risks to your health and despite all that you have to use them. With cosmetics and skin care products you have an option that you can shift to the organic products but with organic products, you have limited color choice. So if you are careful about choosing the makeup and skin care products that don’t contain the harmful ingredients. Following are
some of the harmful ingredients that you need to make sure are not present in the makeup products
and also learn how they harm you.


Fragrances are part of most of the cosmetics and skin care products and they may be responsible for the
skin irritations and the changes in the reproductive system as well as are responsible for causing cancer
and other such problems. You should go for the skin care and makeup products that don’t have added
fragrances in them and if you are even using them then don’t use them for too long.


Toluene is a chemical that is usually found in the hair dyes and also the nail polishes and long term use
of it can cause birth defects and the immune system disorders too.


Triclosan is an antibacterial agent that is used in the antibacterial soap and since 2006 it has been banned. Use of these ingredients helps with the antibacterial resistant bacteria and not only that it may also, cause the gut tumor and other gut disorders like the gut inflammation.


Parabens are present in soaps and almost every cosmetic product and they are known to cat as the endocrine disruptors. But now the paraben-free product is being promoted so make sure to buy those cosmetic products from the online store that sell them and Me gorgeous is one of them.

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