Classes of Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the tools that we use in our everyday routine and it makes the makeup application so much easier than you can’t even apply makeup products well enough without a makeup brush. There is a lot of different type of makeup brushes but basically there are two main classes of these makeup brushes and following are those classes.

Face makeup brushes

Now face makeup brushes involve the big ones that are used to apply the foundation and concealer and even the bronzer and contour brush and with the help of these brushes you can sculpt your face in a well-toned shape. When you are buying the face brushes you have to make sure that they are soft enough to be used on your skin.

Eye brushes

Eye brushes are the smaller brushes and they are narrow ones. There is a different type of eye brushes too like the eyeliner brush, crease brush that is used to make a crease in your eye shadow. Blending brush in these eye brushes allows you to blend in the sharp-edged to make your eye look seem smooth and well finished. These brushes are available in the form of packs or separately on any online store.

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