Cleaning Hairbrushes

Hair care involves not only the use of the hair care products you bought from an online store but it also means that you are using the right tools like the hair brushes. Hair care also involves the idea that when and how often you should Cleaning Hairbrushes because you don’t want to dirt and grime in your hairbrush to get back to your hair. So here is how you can do it.

Cleaning hairbrush

Cleaning Hairbrushes is not a feat, in fact, it is a very simple task. You can clean your hairbrush by first removing the hair from the brush using the back end of a tail comb and then you have to place the brush in a bowl containing warm water with shampoo dissolved in it. Once washed you can put it on a towel and allow it to dry on its own. Now if you have a round brush you can get the hair out using scissors to clip both ends of the hair so it can be taken out easily.

How often should you clean it?

It is said that the hairbrush should be cleaned after every two or 3 weeks and in addition to that you should always pull your hair out that is stuck in the brush every time you brush.

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