Clumping waves

Clumping waves means getting your wavy hair in the form of the clumps and this way you can avoid the frizz and also your hair looks curlier with these clumps. You can use different products fro this purpose that you can buy from the online stores like Megorgeous and they will help you get your hair locks into the clumps right on. There is a method by the help of which using even the conditioner and frizz control products you can get your hair in the form of the clumps and following is how you can do it

Squish with conditioner

Once you have showered you can use the conditioner in your hair and after 10 to 15 minutes while rinsing it off you can squish your hair and scrunch it a little bit. This will help the water to be absorbed ion your hair and your hair will feel moisturized.

Pat off excess water

Now your hair cleansing routine is done you can use a leave-in conditioner and scrunch it with some water in your hands and then pat dry your hair with the microfiber towel or with a t-shirt so it doesn’t soak up all the moisture from your hair.

Use some product

Now use some product like a frizz control or clumping and keep scrunching so your curls don’t feel crunchy and that is because it will help break the crunch and will make your curls look softer.

Be careful parting your hair

If you like to part your hair you should make sure you do it with fingers strand by strand and doesn’t use a brush in your hair because that will get your hair all frizzy. You can do it better without parting your hair but if you want to you have to do it carefully or it will mess your curls.


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