Colours to Dye your Hair

Most of us have the plans in the summer season because of the vacations and that is why most of us
look for changing our look which is exactly why you need to know colours to dye your hair this summer. Summer is all about having fun and vacationing and in that time most f people are just looking to glam themselves up for the endless fun time and the most important art of glam is getting your hair done. You can get a new haircut and can have them dyed in some new way to completely change your look. Every year new hair colours come into view and just like that this summer is no different and you should look for what colours are in fashion before you can get your hair dyed. Following are some of the
summer 2019 hair colour ideas for you.

White sand baby lights

You must have heard of the highlights and baby lights is one of the kind and in this very small section of hair is highlighted and into a colour to match it according to your skin tone. When it comes to the baby lights the white sand colour should be your go-to choice.

Nude balayage

Balayage is an important part of the hair colour trend this whole year and it will look even better when
it is nude balayage for the summer.

Shadow roots

Shadow roots are the type of hair colour idea in which only the roots are darker and you must have seen
Khloe Kardashian carrying this style. It looks great when you want to go blonde and may even look better with light brunette hair colours.

Tropical Brown

Coming towards the brunette shades the tropical brown is the great look for this year and you can easily
find this hair colour from an online store like Megorgeous.

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