Combing your hair in the shower and what to do about it

Combing your hair and getting out the tangles while you are washing your hair might seem like a good idea from now but it may be damaging. When you are detangling your hair you should make sure that you are using the detangling products for your curly hair otherwise you will have to go through a lot of hair breakage. You can easily get these hair products from online stores like Megorgeous. Either wet or dry you have to make sure you use these products anyway.

Why not comb your hair in the shower

First of all combing your hair wet or dry depends on the hair type. If you comb your hair in the shower there are a few things that could happen.

  • Hair is vulnerable at that point so they might break easily and that means more shedding than usual.
  • Your drains will clog because of the more hair breakage and that can be troublesome.
  • Your hair gets tangled easily. Even when you are showering the shed hair may still be in there and that can lead to more tangling.

Detangling hair in the shower

Even though these risks occur some of the people still like detangling their hair in the shower because it is easy for them to do it there. So before you can detangle your hair I shower this is how you need to do it.

  • A wide-tooth detangling comb or brush should be used in your hair and make sure the material of the comb is flexible because without that your hair might break easily.
  • You need to condition your hair before you detangle them so that the hair glides easily through the comb.
  • Another thing is you should not detangle under the running water or it may just increase the tangles in your hair.


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