Greying of hair at an early age or we can say that before maturity level is termed as premature greying of hair. As we know the whitening of hair is natural as it is a part of the ageing process. But as for greying of hair before the age of 30 is a real cause of concern. There are many cases in which this issue appeared with the children age 8 to 10 years. This is a very mind disturbing issue so in order to overcome this problem we searched in the depth of this and find several causes and solutions for this major issue which we will discuss step by step as follows:

Signs & Symptoms of Premature greying of hair:-

Even though the greying of hair is an inevitable and irreversible reality of life, it is nevertheless associated with the age factor. Normally the greying of hair occurs when someone grows old it is the fact of nature. But greying of hair before the maturity age is both intriguing & intimidating for many people. Most of the people are very curious about this issue that why this problem occurs and what will be the solution to prevent from this major issue because many people are very self-conscious if anything happens to them before the time they start searching for the solution of that problem. Some of the signs of premature greying of hair are given below:-

  • The hair of an individual starts showing discolouration and grey hair starts appearing and continues to spread readily. If this symptom is seen then it is definitely the case of premature greying of hair.
  • Greying of hair at a young age mostly below the age of 30 is a case of premature greying of hair etc.

Causes of Premature greying of hair:-

There are several causes of premature greying of hair which is mentioned below:

  • Mental stress can be a major cause of premature greying of hair.
  • Lack of nutrition, diet deficiencies in minerals like iron, copper & zinc these deficiencies may be a cause od premature greying of hair.
  • It could be a family heredity issue. It is seen in some families that the greying of hair starts at a very early age.
  • Other lifestyle choices like hair dying, excess use of shampoos and conditioners, use of different chemicals to give a new look to the hairs could be a major cause of premature greying of hair.

Solution & Cure for Premature greying of hair:-

It is understood that this issue is irreversible but it can be stopped from further spreading. A clinic expert will help you out in identifying the causes or reasons for white hair before the age of 30. Because for the solution we first need to identify the cause of a problem.

As it is a methodical procedure for the treatment of premature greying hair so you need to follow the steps given below:

  • The first and foremost step in this method of treatment is creating a trustworthy relationship with the trichologist or your specialist so that you can share each and everything about your premature greying of hair in detail and he/she can understand the whole case.
  • After hearing your case your specialist will give you some medicine courses that you will have to follow strictly.
  • If it is being noticed that this issue is passed to you through your family heredity then your physical examination will be done and it will be observed that the nutritional level of the patient is fully balanced and maintained.