dyed curly hair,

Curly hairs are incredibly versatile. We can straighten our hair they can be curled, braided and coloured these are just a few styles that we mentioned here. There are different categories of colouring hair means that it can be colouring hair for a temporary time or colouring them permanently it totally depends on the person that how she feels about committing to having her hair colour altered. As there are many benefits of colouring hairs there also come disadvantages of doing this which we will discuss further in the end.

Basically, there are four types of hair colouring: temporary hair colouring, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent.

Types of Hair Coloring:-

1-Temporary Hair colouring:-

The first type, temporary hair colouring includes colouring of hair with the use of chalks, colouring shampoos, and coloured sprays. This colour won’t damage the hair it also allows a little bit of colour shade added to the hair which is not permanent.

2-Semi-Permanent Hair colouring:-

On the second number, there are semi-permanent hair colours these colours also won’t damage the but the effect of colour lasts for a few weeks each time.

3-Demi-Permanent Hair colouring:-

Demi-Permanent hair colouring is the third type of hair colouring it almost just like semi-permanent hair colouring but the effect of colours on the hairs lasts much longer than the semi-permanent hair colouring and fade away as the same way as semi does.

4-Permanent Hair colouring:-

Now come to the last one which is permanent hair dye. It is called permanent hair colouring but it is not that much it just takes a lot of time for the colours to fade away and its processing also affects the lifetime of the hairs and damages the hair.

Pros of Hair Coloring:-

  • Dying your hair allows you to adopt a change. This change could be as subtle or as dramatic as you would like, it depends on the nature of a person.
  • Some people want to make a change in their appearances so they do it by dying their hair colour, as black or darker colour gives a look of mature and dramatic nature while having lighter hair colour gives a look of younger and joyful personality.
  • Unless you use bleach or any other heavy chemical dye for colouring your hairs will be ok. Now hair colouring is becoming more plant-based and many other natural ingredients that will nourish your hairs rather than damaging them.
  • Hair colouring also gives you a new look you can choose different colours for your hair which suits you best and be a part of the trend and surprise people with your new look.

Cons of Hair Coloring:-

  • It is true that colouring hair will give one a new and trendy but to maintain this look is very difficult and very annoying.
  • Coloured hairs require a retouch after every week if not doing this then the look of hair starts getting worse and worse day by day.
  • If once the hairs start getting in bad condition then all the effort one did for her hairs will be useless and all the time and money she spent for her hair colouring will be count as waste.
  • Many of the hair colouring and dyes use a high level of pH and many other chemicals which if they are not used in a proper standard way in a very small quantity then they will damage and destroy the hairs immediately.
  • If the dying process is repeated several times in a month it also damages the hairs and reduces the strength and lifetime of the hairs.
  • Dying hairs is a very expensive process if it goes wrong then you will have to bear a huge loss.