Curly Hair Styles For Men with Different Face Shape

We know that finding a suitable and unique style for yourself that is best according to the shape of your face is quite difficult and is a very long-winded process. When it is all about having a simple short hair cut that will make it easy to give a simple style to those unruly locks and to maintain them. But getting the wrong hair cut according to your face type can actually prove more of a nuisance because after that you will have to wait for a long time to grow hairs again and give them the look that you want.

Hairstyles for men with the Oval face shape:-

  • Shaved sides and Curl:-

This style gives your face balance facial look and your facial features seem to be prominent. This style needs your sides of head short and they could also be shaved, and adding an extra volume to the curls on the top. This will help you to balance your facial features and complement your oval face shape.

  • Textured curls with height:-

By keeping the height of your curls from the top and giving a simple textured to the hair from the sides and giving a little bit of fade to the sides give your oval face shape a flattering finish.

Hairstyles for men with the square face shape:-

  • Embracing the curls:-

Someone with square face features can have this style so that he can give his angular features of face a little softer look. This hairstyle involves lengthy hair with a lot of movement in them.

  • Movement & texture:-

If someone has the curly hairs and square face look then this style is best to suit their facial features. One should keep a long and lengthy hair with larger volume giving them more texture and movement.

Hairstyle for men with the diamond face shape:-

  • Curly undercut:-

The undercut is a classic haircut style that can make one’s curly hair from typical to trendy fashionable style. This style requires shaved from both back and sides and fuller on top with a larger volume. This is the best style for the men that can be both professional and fashionable for those who have to go to the office and for casual persons.

  • Long Curls:-

Diamond shape face is known as the one the rarest shape in all. This style is for those who have diamond-shaped faces and curly hairs and they want to complement their unique features and angles. The main aim of this style is to make your diamond-shaped bone structure more prominent and more visible.

Hairstyle for men with the long face shape:-

  • Long side fringe:-

The main aim of men with long face shape bone structure is to add more width to it. So, the avoid any other style which will cause an increment of the length of the face like more volume on top and shaved sides this will not suit the face structure. So, to make face structure more visible and make features more prominent you need to just keep the volume of the top normal and just increase the length of the hairs from the sides this will add width to the face structure.

  • Short Quiff & Curls:-

This style is a universal one and the best one this style almost suits all types of face structure and there is no need to take extra care of it to maintain. The Quiff is normally short from sides and back and having a little height on the top. It’s short so there is not much work to be done.