Dark hair colors

Dark hair colours look the best on most of the people especially when you have pale skin because this
will bring out such a contrast making you look very beautiful. Most of the people prefer the dark hair
colour no matter what their skin one is and it looks very decent/ but that doesn’t mean you have to go f
for the black and dark brown only because there are a lot of ways you can dye your dark hair or your
other colour hair to dark colour. Following are some off the dark colour ideas that you need to get.

Mocha with highlights

Mocha is a very beautiful colour if you want to go for some shade of brown. You can also add some of
the highlights in your hair to make them look even more beautiful. You will love this hair colour if you
are into the hair with highlights and it will give you such a light and beautiful look.

Rich caramel

If you are looking for very dark hair colours then you can get the rich caramel. Usually caramel colour
comes I to the light brown shade but the rich caramel is a darker colour and it looks very beautiful. You
must have seen several celebrities wearing this hair colour.

Chocolate cinnamon

Ombre hair with darker colour from the roots and gets lighter it goes to the tips is something people
have been going after a lot and you can get it done in chocolate and the cinnamon colour. You can start
with chocolate colour and slight cinnamon at the tips. This will look decent as well as amazing.

Copper highlights

Another thing that you can do with the dark hair colour to make it look fin is that you can add some
highlights in it and what is better than copper highlights when it comes to the dark. You can find such a
colour from online stores like Megorgeous.

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