Dealing with humidity when y

Curly hair can be a blessing but can also be a bit of the trouble especially when it comes to the frizz and
humidity. Humidity and curls are not something that goes good together so to avoid getting your hair in
a mess in this humid summer you will have to figure out a few tricks and methods to deal with humidity.
If you want to look perfect all summer long then all you have to do is to avoid the humidity at its best
which seems almost impossible, so the only thing you are left to do is following few things

Embrace your natural texture

You should try embracing your natural texture or even if you are thinking of changing the texture you should stay near your original texture. If you have the curly hair then you should go do the twist outs and braids and avoid straightening your hair. Because humidity will ruin that.

Protect your hair

You can go for a style but which you will be able to protect your hair. You can get a stylish scarf for yourself to cover your hair or you can go for the hair buns and the braids. Wigs may also seem like a nice option and you can get them from any online store like Megorgeous.

Deep condition and co-wash your hair

You should use a deep conditioner every once or twice in a week and since its summer you will need to
scrub your scalp more so make sure you wash your hair after few days and as we know shampoos can
be harsh you can get the gentle cleanser and co-wash using them.

Light products

You shouldn’t use heavy hair care products like butter etc. and instead, you should go for lighter
products like the gels and serums.

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