Detangling a tender-headed kid’s hair

The detangling process is painful enough for yourself and then doing it on the kids helps you understand well. You being an adult can tolerate the pain that comes with the detangling but that isn’t the case with the kid. And what makes the matter worse is a tender head. These types of people will experience more pain whole detangling. So that is why kids have the tender heads and that is why most of them cry during this. But if you are using good detangling products everything can go very smoothly. You can buy these detangling products from online stores like Megorgeous.


Megorgeous is an online store where you can buy all kinds of hair care products. Even though you can buy the makeup products from here but you will be seeing many different hair care products I abundance, You can find different detangling products that can be child-friendly using these products you will be able to handle your child better. Also, these products are good for the children so that makes them perfect for use; you can buy these products very easily from here and have them delivered to your place.

Detangling hair of a tender head child

When you are detangling their hair the children fuss a lot. But that is because they are tender headed so you will have to do it very carefully and gently when it comes to kids the patience is one thing that you should practice a lot. The following are some of the tips that you will need while detangling a tender-headed child’s hair.

Do it when they are in a good mood

You should do this when your child is in a good mood, for they are not in a good mood they would not go along with the detangling process at all. As a result, it will only make the procedure worst for you.

Keep them busy

When you are detangling their hair it is better to keep them busy. You can do that by handing them a tablet or phone to play games. You can also turn on the TV or can just distract them with their favorite toy. This way they will be too busy to make a fuss about detangling their hair.

Use fingers

When you are detangling the hair even if your own, it is better to do it with the fingers. Fingers are flexible and will should your hair some leniency. You will be able to ease out the knots with your fingers as well. Even if you have to use a comb make sure to use one that is flexible and is a wide-tooth comb.

Detangle from bottom to top

When you are detangling your child’s hair or even if you are detangling your hair you should go from tips to roots. This is because you will be easing out the knots at the tips and this makes it an easier way for the knots above to be eased out, if you do it from top to bottom then you will get against the knot in your hair at the end.

Use the right tools

Using the right tools and products for your kids is very important, there are products and tools made specifically for the kids. Even if they are the same and work the same but they are built to attract the kids. This might make them attractive to it and will allow them to sit quietly.


Patience needed lit when you are detangling your kid’s hair. They might get annoyed in between so you should call them first and allow them to feel better. S patience is very important while this process.

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