transitioning hair,

Transitioning hair is one of the states in which more care is needed than normally. Your hair is at more risk of damage when they are in the state of transition. There are many things in o0ur everyday routine which leads to a lot of hair fall. Detangling is one of such things and if done carelessly you will lose a lot of hair. Detangling needs a lot of care and patience because the point where your natural hair meets the texture’s hair is more prone to breakage. So, if you want to retain your hair length and have as little breakage as you can you need some detangling tips. Following are some of the tips that will help you detangle your transitioning hair without any problem.

Determine the type of damage and use products accordingly

You should determine the type of damage that is caused to your hair. And according to that, you will be able to understand the need for your transitioning hair. As you know that the use of bleach will increase the porosity in your hair so the best thing will be to use the products according to the hair porosity. Until the textured hair is completely gone. This damaged hair has less elasticity so that means they are easy to break. Which is exactly why you need to be careful while detangling your hair. You should be using some highly moisturizing hair treatments and products. This will help you restore your hair elasticity.

Pre-poo detangling

Detangling your hair when they have pre-poo on is easier. You can use the pre-poo which has some extra slip in them. This way you will be able to get rid of your tangled hair. You can detangle them to some extent and you can detangle the rest when you have conditioner on. Usually, oily products or oil as a pre-poo will help you detangle your hair. The most important thing about detangling your hair is that you should section them first. This will make it much easier for you to detangle your transitioning hair.

Flip your hair

Flipping your hair before you can detangle them will make them detangle easier. This is even better for the type of hair that is highly porous. These type of hair will stick to each other and makes it difficult to reach the back of your head. So this is why your hair is all the way through. So you need to flip your hair in between or use this pattern alone.

Buy products with the most slip

Most people don’t think that products that have to slip are important. But when it comes to detangling it really is important. In fact, it is something you need the most when you are detangling your hair. You will notice the difference instantly when you see your hair is now easier to detangle. These products are also known as detangling products. Spending money on such products will save you from a lot of damage.


Trimming is important because textured hair gets rough at the ends very easily. For such hair, you need to get trimming so that you can get the smooth ends. If you don’t trim your hair regularly they will be detangling more around the ends. This will make it impossible for your hair to detangle without experiencing the breakage. Usually, people don’t trim their hair so they can retain the desired length of their hair. With detangling these rough ends, you will experience breakage anyway and you won’t be able to get the desired length of your hair.