Detangling your toddler’s hair

Detangling your own hair can be such a mess and then imagine doing that to a toddler. Having a toddler with curly hair you would know how hard it is to detangle their hair and thus you should be using a lot of the products for your toddler’s hair which should also be safe to use. You should definitely rely on natural products and you can find different online stores like Megorgeous who sell them. After buying those products here is what else you need to know while detangling your toddler’s hair.

Pre Shampoo

Pre-shampoo means applying something to the hair before you shampoo. This includes different types of oil that hydrate your hair and they also provide lubrication to your hair so it becomes easy to detangle the hair. If you can do it you should detangle the hair of your toddler even before you give them a shampoo. Even if you don’t detangle them then you should use pre-shampoo products that will make the hair softer and easy to detangle.

Saturate hair

Either if you are detangling your hair before shampoo or after shampoo you should make sure that you saturate your hair with enough product and that will make the detangling process easier for you. When you are doing it for toddlers you should make sure all of your hair can detangle easily and the product should be child-friendly.

Do it with patience

When you are detangling the hair of a toddler you should be extra patient with them. Make sure you make the small sections of the hair and detangle them one by one and make sure to start from the bottom to make it easier for you. Detangling will take some time but you have to be careful or otherwise, it can be painful for your toddler.


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