Determine Hair Porosity and Oiliness
Determining the type of your hair is very important so that you must know which type of hair products that you have to buy. Each of the hair types has different hair products that are suitable for you. Buying the hair products that are both for your hair type you will not get the same results so for that purpose
you need to determine your hair type before you go buying a hair care product from an online store. Oiliness and porosity will help you see which type of shampoo and conditioner will be effective.

Determine porosity

Porosity is the ability of the hair to absorb moisture and that is why it plays an important role in absorbing the products. To determine the porosity of your hair you need to perform the following experiment.
 Pluck a strand of hair from your washed and air dried hair.
 Now take water in a container and place the hair strand on it.
 If the hair strand sinks immediately then it is porous and that means that it can absorb more products and moisture in it and if you hair stay afloat then it means it is less porous.


Oily and dry hair need different treatment and that’s why determining it is very important. To check if you have oily or dry hair you need to do the following things
 Wash your hair with a shampoo and condition them
 Leave them to air dry and when they are dry keep them that way overnight and then with a tissue paper on your scalp you should see if there is oil on it., If there is you have oily hair.

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