Determining your hair type is very important because you will need to know the type of hair you have so you can buy the products that are appropriate for your hair type. And if you don’t do that then you will be buying the hair products that are not suitable for you and end up destroying them. So before you can buy a hair product from your online store you need to know your hair type and here is how you can determine it.

Hair texture

Hair texture tells us a lot about the type of product we must use and that is why determine it is very important. Hair texture means if you have thick hair, thin hair or medium hair. Determining it is important so that that particular type of care can be given to that type of hair.

Determine hair texture

 Determining hair texture is so important for the reasons mentioned above and here is how you can determine that
 You need to wash your hair and condition them.
 Then let them air dry and don’t use a hairdryer for this purpose or it will change the texture.
 Now take a thread that you use for sewing purposes and place it on a white shit along with the hair you have plucked from the base of your scalp.
 Now of the hair is thicker than thread then you have thick hair. If it is equal to a thread then you have medium hair and if you have thin hair then the hair will be thinner than thread.

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