Determining the Curl Pattern and the Elasticity

To buy good hair products the first thing that you need to know is your hair type. Most of the people think they have it all figured out but still, they can be wrong about their hair type and that is why the hair products you buy don’t work well enough. So before you can buy a hair care product from an online
store you will need to know if your hair is curly or straight and also how elastic your hair is so that you can get some product to resolve such issues too.

Determining curl pattern

Some people have the straight and some have the curly hair and if you have curly hair you will like to know if you get these curls because you tie your hair right after a shower or you have natural curls.

Following is how you can determine that
 Wash your hair and condition them and then let them air dry.
 Now determine the pattern, if there is no wave them straight hair and if there is you have wavy or curly hair.


Elasticity can be determined by taking a strand from freshly washed and air dried hair and then stretch it to see elasticity. If it extends a little then it is elastic and if it breaks on pressure then it isn’t.

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