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If you are a regular buyer of makeup then you must know that you will find two different types of
makeup companies like the drugstore cosmetic company and the high-end cosmetic company that
includes some big brands. These type of makeup products by these companies differ a lot and the main thing that is different among them is the price of these cosmetics. Using drugstore makeup is very easy for those who cannot afford to buy the expensive makeup products and these products work their
wonders too and you must have to know the good enough company to buy from. You will usually find
the drug store makeup products on the drug stores while the other brands have their own outlets. You
can also buy both of these types through an online store like Megorgeous. Following are some of the
things that mas these drugstores and the high-end makeups different.


The ingredients differ in a lot of ways when it comes to the drug store and the high-end makeup brands.
The high-end makeup brands use more pigments while the drug store makeup is not that much
pigmented. For drugstore makeup, the ingredients in the form of raw material are brought in by
different places while the high-end makeup brands make all the raw materials equally.

Quantity of the ingredients

Along with quality the quantity if the ingredients also matter when it comes to the cosmetic products.
The product will work better when it has the right amount of the ingredients in it and the right amount
of pigments as well. In the drugstore makeup, the clinical quantity is used while in the high-end make up
the quantity can be different. So that is how the quantity of the ingredients differ in these makeup
brands and you will be able to decide better based on this.

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