Eyes need the same care as your whole skin so while you are using the skin care products for your face you should also buy something for your under eyes and darkening eyelids Dark circles and the wrinkles around the eye is the great problem and you need to deal with it by the use of different eye creams an eye gels. The basic and the essential ingredients present these eye care products are almost the same it is just the type of formulation that you want to buy from an online store from.

Eye Creams

Eye creams have a thicker consistency and are a little oily. So it is better to use them during the night time. But if you didn’t mind the heavy feeling around eyes at day time then you can definitely use an eye cream during the day time.

Eye Gels

Now, eye gels are the jelly-like substances and they are better to use because they have very light consistency and once they are absorbed on your skin it doesn’t have the oily consistency left behind, in fact, your skin might look a little moisturized. It is perfect for use during the said time. Even if your skin is oily the area around your eye gets drier by the age and that is why moisturizing is essential.

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