Difference between Hair loss ad Hair Breakage

Most of the time we confuse the hair loss to the hair breakage but in fact, both of the problems are completely different. Both of these problems have whole other reasons behind them and to resolve them you need to know the difference among them so that while buying some treatment product from
an online store like Megorgeous for your hair you should know what exactly you should be buying.

Difference between hair fall and hair breakage

The hair fall and hair damage are different from each other because hair fall is something where the hair fall off from your scalp from the roots while on the other hand the hair breakage is when your hair strand breaks and it is because of the hair breakage you get the flyaway hair. And it is because of the hair fall you lose the volume of your hair.

The difference in the causes of hair loss and hair breakage As we know hair breakage and hair fall are two different things that mean that the causes behind them are different too. Hair fall is caused by the following reasons
 Thyroid issues
 Medications
 Nutritional deficiencies
 Hormone fluctuation
 Immune disorders etc.

On the other hand, hair breakage can be the result of the following reasons

 Heat styling
 Dryness
 Rough detangling
 Dryness and split end etc.
Since the causes of these problems are different as well, you will have to use a completely different approach for each type of problem. In the case of the hair fall, you have to find the underlying cause first before you can start using the products for it. On the other hand, with the hair breakage it is usually caused by the less elasticity and dryness you will have to start taking better care of yourself. If you are doing tat right you will be able to get rid of these hair problems

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