Differences between permanent and temporary hair loss

Hair loss is one of the worst things that can ever happen to your hair. In some of the cases, you can recover from the hair loss ad in some cases they are just gone forever. This is the main difference between permanent and temporary hair loss. Both types of hair losses are not easily identifiable so you will need the help of a dermatologist. The best thing is to tackle it at an early stage. Hair fall can be handled at the earlier stage when you are taking good care of your care. That involves use if all the good ha care products. You will also be needing good quality products from online stores.


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Hair loss

Hair loss is gradual but if not controlled on time can be quite damaging. People end up losing a lot of their hair and that usually happens when they don’t give proper hair care. It also may happen because of hereditary reasons and nothing much can be done in such a situation. But some people delay their balding nowadays with good care products. The immediate solution to permanent hair loss is also available nowadays in the form of hair transplants. Temporary and permanent loss differ a lot from each other and understanding each will help you understand better.

Temporary hair loss

The temporary hair loss usually happens because of the poor care given to your hair. If you can control it on time you will recover your hair volume back sooner. But if the damage is severe you will need some more help. Some of the infections can also result in this type of hair loss. Most of the time this type of hair loss can be because of the use of medications. But as soon as that medication use is over your hair will start going back. Recovering from this type of hair loss is quite easy nowadays with all the good products. But if not taken care of this properly this may also transform into permanent hair loss. Temporary hair loss can also result due to stress. So, when you are back to normal situations it keeps getting better

Permanent hair loss

Permanent hair loss is the loss where the hair follicles damages and new growth of hair is impossible. The major treason behind this kind of hair loss is hereditary reasons. Some people just inherit this kind of hair loss from their family. There are no possible good solutions to this kind of hair loss except the hair transplant in hair transplant your new hair is planted in your hair.

In any kind of hair loss, you should consult your doctor or dermatologist. Your doctor can determine the type of hair loss. They can also provide a better opinion on how to deal with it. But if it is still at the initial stage you should try to figure out what you are lacking from your hair care routine.