Different air straighteners for different hair types

The use of hair straighteners is so common these days. Not even curly or wavy hair people use the straighteners but in fact, the people who have already straight hair use them as well. You can use them to make your hair straight or can also use them to make your hair wavy. All of that involves different techniques by there are so many ways you can use your hair straightener. But some people avoid heat damage and that is why they avoid using the hair straightener at all. In order to make sure your hair isn’t that much damaged you need to use the right hair straightener. But above all that you need to use the necessary products that can protect your hair from the heat damage. You can buy all of these products from online stores like Megorgeous.


Megorgeous is an online store for all kinds of beauty products. From hair to skincare you can find almost anything form this store. The best thing is that you can also buy hair accessories from this online store. Being the curly or wavy-haired person you can only use some type of hair care products but here you can find all the hair products good for your type of hair.

Hair straighteners

Determining which type of hair straightener you should be using you need to determine your hair type for that reason. You have to be sure that the straightener you choose is right according to your hair needs. It neither should cause a lot of damage but should give you the amount of heat enough to straighten your hair. Following are the types of the hair straightener


Ceramic hair straighteners are more common in use and you can find the ceramic straightener by almost any brand. These hair straighteners are very economical and you can purchase them at a low cost. The best things are that the ceramic straighteners can straighten your hair at the low heat. You can also find the ceramic ionic hair straightener which generates negative ions. These negative ions will neutralize the positive ions can seal the cuticles, this way you won’t lose moisture from our hair.


Tourmaline is mixed with the ceramic to form a flat iron. You can use this and it also by releasing negative ions can seal your cuticles so that you don’t experience dryness. It smoothens the hair cuticles, another great thing is that you don’t have to run the straightener over your hair more than one time it can also help you get rid of the frizz in your hair. In part of decreasing the frizz in your hair, you will also be making it look sleek and will also make the hair online look less to some extent. If you have tightly coiled hair this type of hair straightener is the best for you.


With titanium, you can vary the heat. You can increase it or lower it as per your likes if you want the good sleekness or dead straight hair this type straighteners are best for you. These type of straighteners also work the best for the hair that is quite thick and take a lot of time to straighten. It can also be better for the hair that doesn’t require much heat. In order to protect your hair from the heat damage, you can use this type of hair straightener. This type of hair straighteners can withhold high heat and they don’t corrode as well. So you are quite safe with these types of hair straighteners.

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