Different Eye Wings

When you are applying the eyeliner you don’t always to go for the same type of the eye wing. With new
tools coming up you can easily draw out a winged eyeliner but that is kind of getting old and now you see different people coming with new eyeliner ideas which can be easily done for a different look. You can also go for the different eyeliner ideas so that you can go for a different look. Following are some of
the eyeliner ideas that you can do with a little bit of the practice.

Double wings

Double wings eyeliner is the one in which you draw two lines when it comes to the point where you have to draw a wing. You can make the wing double very easily and you can also do a similar look where you can outline your lower eyelid and then extend it along with the upper wing.

Bracket wing

Bracket wing is the type if eyeliner wing in which you draw a normal wing on your eye and them make the bracket with the extended wing and make sure the upper line of the bracket extends it the crease of your eyes. This type if the look will look great with an eyeshade and can do it solo too.

Lower eyeliner

You can eyeliner your lower eyelid without even touching the upper one and this look was seen on the
Met Gala red carpet this year. Deepika Padukone was the one wearing this eyeliner look and since then,
it has been in fashion with everyone trying to do it.

Crease eyeliner

Crease eyeliner is also seen and you can wear glitter eyeliner on your crease or can do it just simple black eyeliner look. You can get the glitter eyeliner from the online stores like Megorgeous.
All these looks are very bold and you should definitely try to do it.

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