Eyeliner Looks

When you are going through your regular eyeliner looks you definitely must want to try out something
new ones of the eyeliner look you can try and it doesn’t always have to be black in colour but you can go for the other colours as well and people even do a multicolour eyeliner. You can get these colourful eyeliners from online stores like Megorgeous. Following are some of the eyeliner looks that you should
be trying.

Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is in fashion and it has been like that since the past few years and everyone loves getting a winged eyeliner for an everyday look. If you also want to try this out you should practice a lot and should also try out different stencils for this purpose.

Cat eyeliner

Cat eyeliner I also like the winged eyeliner but it is a little different and it gives your eyes more of the cat-like look. You would really enjoy applying this type of eyeliner.

Double wing eyeliner

This is another type of the winged eyeliner and in this, you will have to for a double wing on each of your eyes. Both of the wings doesn’t have to be thick and you can also do the thin one and with that, you can build up the ideal shape for your eyes.

Colourful eyeliner

A lot of brands have been selling the colourful eyeliner and you can choose either he pastel or the neon
colours for this purpose, Using the colour eyeliners you can also get the eyeliner look in which the colour
the gradient is made.

Glitter eyeliner

You can wear glitter eyeliner a well and some people also wear eyeliners on the crease of your eye. You can match these glitter eyeliners with the outline of black eyeliner or can have them draw a parallel lie with the eyeliner.

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