exfoliate your scalp

Using the hair care products is important and it is easy since you can find many products for your hair type form the online stores like Megorgeous, but sometimes the use of these products can cause the product buildup and if you shampoo and other cleansing methods are not good enough then the product buildup can cause other problems. It can make your hair appear flat and also can cause the hair fall but you can exfoliate your scalp to get rid of this product buildup. Following are some of the methods to exfoliate your scalp


You can use the scalp scrubs to exfoliate your scalp. You can either buy this scrub or you can just keep it at home by mixing brown sugar in olive oil and then scrubbing your scalp using it. You can make it very easily since you will have these ingredients at home and you have to scrub your scalp with it before shampoo. You can also add some oil on your hair to get the better end results. While you are washing off this scrub you have to make sure you rinse it off good enough.

Scrubbing brush

There is also a scrubbing brush available for this purpose and you can use this brush while shampooing your hair. A scrubbing brush is not that hard and is rather very soft. Be gentle while using this brush.

Clay mask

You can also exfoliate using a clay mask, you can use bentonite clay that will absorb everything in it and will wipe it off of your scalp. You will be able to get rid of the flaky skin and the product buildup as well. You can apply this mask on your scalp and rinse it off when it’s dry. It is great for your scalp health too.


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