curls look more curly

Having curly hair you would want your hair to look curly as well but some women have the weighed down curls which are why the hair doesn’t look good. This doesn’t need more styling procedures to change the curl pattern of your hair but In fact, it is about making your natural curl pattern look even curlier. There are different products and procedures that you can imply to get the curly hair and that can be done with great ease. You can easily buy products for this from different online stores like Megorgeous. Following are some of the methods to make your hair look curlier


Scrunching your hair will make your curls look curlier. Scrunching is basically a procedure by the help of which you catch your hair from tips to the roots in your fist. This not only gets the curl pattern issue solved but will also help soften up the product. With this method, you can also apply the products to your ends.

Pin curl

If any curl is out of space or your hair is getting frizzy you can just take that lock of air and roll it on your fin and pin it down on the top like a small bun. This can be done for 10 minutes to get amazing curls.


A stronghold styling product and a few minutes with a diffuser can get you the best natural curls with lots of volumes.

Hair cut

If nothing is helping and your hair ends are still straight that most probably means that your hair is dead. So that is a point of sacrifice because you will have to let go of your hair length for the good and curly hair. When your hairs are damaged your hair will lose the elasticity.


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