Hair straighteners are nowadays used on a regular basis and with the help of the heat protectants, there is no fear of damaging your hair as well. Hair straighteners are of different type too like they vary in size a lot. You can buy any sized hair straightener from anywhere and they can even be bought on any online store. Following are different sizes of the hair straighteners and which type of hair they are best for.

Small hair straighteners

Small hair straighteners have very less width and it is estimated that they would have almost half an inch of the width and these straighteners are used to obtain the precision and also would be great to be used on the bangs and small hair.

Medium straighteners

These straighteners are the best of the type because they can be used on short as well a medium length
hair and even for the long hair they will straighten them up in a moderate amount of time. These
straighteners carry in length from about 1 to one and half an inch.

Large straighteners

These are the straighteners with greater width and it would be almost three quarters in width these
straighteners are used for the hair that is very thick and has a large volume and with these type of
hair of you and to style them faster this straightener is definitely the best

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