Different types of hair damages that can change your curl pattern

The worst thing that can happen to a curly-haired is person is that they start losing their curl pattern. There are a lot of things that can lead to such type of damage. This damage involves the loosening of your natural curls.  An example of healthy hair is that they bounce back to their natural health even after styling. Styling your hair with the heat is a common thing and people do that a lot. But if you want your curly hair to remain in their natural state example you will have to make sure you don’t damage your hair a lot.  A lot of products are needed to protect your hair from that kind of damage. You will be able to buy these products from online stores like Megorgeous.


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Curl damages

There are some of the hair damages that can happen and can change the curl pattern of your hair. This type of damage is something that curlies should avoid the most. Curly hair, in fact, is more prone to the damage that is why it is better to keep your hair protected. Even if you experience some damage it is easy to revive your hair. Following are some types of damages that can cause the curl pattern to change

Heat damage

Heat changes kinds of the pattern of your hair and it happens on the nowadays molecular level. But when you have provided your hair with a lot of heat or for prolonged periods then this can cause irreversible damage. Due to that permanent damage of the hair remained in that state or may get even worse. This can effects the overall health of your hair as well. You should avoid this kind of damage if you like your curls. What you need to do to avoid this damage is to use less heat on your hair. You can also avoid the damage by using the heat protectant in your hair.

Colour damage

Just like heat, the chemicals in your hair a lot do a lot of damage, they will also be effecting your curl pattern. How color and other chemicals damage your curl pattern is that your hair loses elasticity because of that. These dyes and other chemicals will strip your hair off of the moisture in them and that is how your hair starts to become less elastic. To avoid any harsh chemicals in your hair and make sure you are not doing it too often. Even if you have to you should be using the less harsh dyes in your hair.

Hygral fatigue

Hygral fatigue happens when you wash your hair on a daily basis. This happens when your hair is wet the cuticles expand and then relax when they dry. So due to that you can lose your curl pattern and can have loose curls instead. This is exactly why you should do everything in a moderate amount. You should wash your hair but not on a daily basis. Moisturizing and protein treatment is also something you should do in a moderate amount only. Otherwise, you will be damaging your hair because of that.

If you already have undergone the damage you need to get the recovery. The recovery is only achieved when you transition your air and that may take a lot of time.

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