types of hair straighteners

Hair straighteners not only play the role of straightening your hair but they also will take your hair to
some extent and that is a great thing about them for the people who have extremely frizzy hair. There is
a different type of hair straighteners for a different type of hair and you should know all types of them
before you buy one from an online store.

Clamp hair straightener.

This type of hair straightener is very common and most of the time it is what you see. This hair
straighteners have two flat irons that clamp together shut around hair and as the hair slides through
them the heat of the iron will straighten them.

Ionic straighteners

These type of hair straighteners are getting popularity just now. And that is because they work so well
on wet hair. These ionic straighteners are negatively charges and water positively charges that is why it
looks so well and it also helps to keep your hair cuticles smooth.

Straightening brush

Straightening brush is another type of the hair straighteners and these hair brushes are electric and as
the hair passes through them while we brush the hair will get straight.

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