Different types of scalp disorders

To make sure that your scalp is healthy a well you have to know a lot more about the scalp. Scalp care is as important as skincare is and there are a lot of scalp care products that you can find online from the stores like Megorgeous. These products help you get rid of dandruff, product buildup and all the problems that you deal with the scalp in your daily life. But there are also some serious problems that can be happening with your scalp so it is better to understand all of your scalp problems so you can find solutions from them.

Following are some of the scalp disorders that you should know about

Moderate dandruff

Moderate dandruff is lime the early stage of dandruff where you notice that you have dandruff but not enough to notice it on your black t-short. It can be dealt with by the anti-dandruff shampoos which are mild and moisturizing. You can also treat this type of dandruff with jus moisturizing your hair with all types of hair oils.

Exaggerated dandruff

This type of dandruff happens when you ignore it at the first stage and do nothing to stop it. Scalp gets drier and drier because of negligence and can cause exaggerated dandruff. This is the type of dandruff that will pile up on your skin ad will also be noticeable on your clothes. There can be a more severe case of the seborrheic dermatitis further id this one isn’t treated as well.

Seborrheic dermatitis

This type of dandruff occurs when you have oily skin. Most of the people with the oily skin have this belief that with the use of moisturizing products more oil will be produced but that isn’t true. You should still moisturize your hair. This type of dandruff has yellow flakes. You can use the shampoos containing the Sulphur and salicylic acid to treat this type of dandruff.


Psoriasis is a skin disorder and it is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system destroys the own skin cells causing the red flaky and patchy areas. This can happen around the nape areas and even in the scalp. Most people confuse it with dandruff but the thing is this condition makes scalp scaly and if you notice anything like that you should contact your dermatologist. This can be triggered even more by an injury of stress.


Ringworm basically is a fungal infection ad in this infection the skin will form a circular patch and you will also experience hair loss and even balding ion that particular area. It can be easily recovered at the early stages with any anti-fungal product but if that doesn’t work you should get the second opinion of the dermatologist on which product or medication to use.


Folliculitis as the name indicates a little bit is the infection in the hair follicles, this may cause the inflammation of the follicles. This can lead to a lot of itching and a very tender scalp and that can be dealt with the use of the antibiotics and the antiseptics.

Pityriasis Amiantacea

This is the scalp disorder that usually occurs alongside psoriasis or it can also happen alone. This is a condition almost similar to psoriasis as well and in this condition, the flakes stick to your hair as well or the hair starts sticking the scales on the scalp. This condition is worst and will be clearly visible for anyone. So getting it treated is very important. You will feel a lot of itchiness so if you continue scratching your scalp you will also be experiencing a lot of hair loss.

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