If you are habitual of doing your own eyebrows you would know that there are tweezers that are used
for this purpose. Tweezers are the important part of your eyebrow hair plucking routine and even
though some of the people prefer using the thread for the under eyebrows areas, it is recommended to
use the tweezers when you are doing it yourself because then the other hands are available to tighten
your skin. As the above eyebrow area is tight it doesn’t need the use of a second hand and this it can be
done by thread alone. To get the best tweezers from an online store you need to understand the type of
the tweezers.

Point tips tweezers

These type of tweezers have needles like tips and these are good for plucking out the ingrown hair and
even the smallest ones and with it, you need to be careful since it can stab you.

Slant tweezers

These tweezers are the best since with the pointed end you can pluck the smallest hair and with other
portion, it will give you’re a clean look.

Rounded tip

These tweezers are very safe and can be used from any angle but there can be a problem with the small

Curved tip

These tweezers allow you to see well and thus make the tweezing even easier.

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