Cakey makeup

Cakey makeup is such a problem for all of the makeup lover and that is why we need to learn about how to fix cakey makeup. Cakey male up can happen due to a lot of reasons and the main reason is that
when your makeup product isn’t absorbed in your skin and that may be because of the number of
different reasons lie when your skin isn’t primed and moisturized. Cakey makeup may also happen
because of layer upon layer of makeup products, you can definitely get the cakey makeup during the
summer and to solve this problem there are a few tips for you which are states as follows

Moisturize and prime

You should always moisturize and prime your skin and that also includes taking good care of your skin so it can accept the product and the product will blend right in with the skin. You can get rid of the cakey
makeup when your skin isn’t dry and that is when it is moisturized.

Avoid heavy creams

You can easily identify the heavy creams and you should most definitely avoid such creams in your face
or any such makeup product because they are more likely to get cakey along the time.

Apply foundation with damp sponge

You can get a good foundation with better coverage instead of buying a foundation with light coverage
and then layering it with more foundation. Also, you should apply your foundation with a damp sponge
so that way excess product is removed off of your skin.

Set makeup with loose powder

You should definitely set your makeup with the loose setting powder and not the compact powder
because the loose powder is finer and thus you can easily set up your whole makeup with it.

Don’t add up more layers

When you have to retouch your makeup make sure you are not adding more layers and instead wipe the
first makeup with a makeup wipe that you can buy from Megorgeous. And wipe your makeup with it
and apply your makeup again.

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